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The Ideal Throw

There are specific guidelines as to the dimensions of an Aunt Sally Throw.


  • The league rules state that the length of the throw is to be 30 feet from the "Iron" to the back of the throwing ochee.

  • The "Doll" is to be 6 inches high and 3 1/4 inches in diameter.

  • The Doll is to sit on a horizontal swivel that sits out 6 inches from the Iron.

  • The swivel must be free to turn a full 360 degrees.

  • The base of the Doll is to be 2 feet 6 inches from level ground.

  • The throw must be illuminated for all matches.


Below is a diagram showing the ideal throw.

The Equipment

the idea throw

Where to Buy

Brian S Collins (Oxfordshire).

Production Woodwork and Woodturning Blanks.


Sticks: 1lb 2oz to 1lb 10oz - prices £25 per set of 6. depending on wood type/quality/size etc.


Dolls: £7.00 each


Swivel: £14.00 each


Iron: £8.00 each


Prices shown may vary for further information

please contact Mr Brian Collins directly on


Tel: 01865 874302 to discuss your requirements.