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1989 Season




Division One - Winners: The Fox (Oddington), R/U: Albion Tavern (C.Norton)


Division Two - Winners: Kingham RBL (Kingham), R/U: Wagon 'C' (C.Norton)


Division Three - Winners: Farriers Arms (Todenham), R/U: Coach & Horses 'B' (Shipston)


Division Four - Winners:  Coach & Horses (Bourton), R/U: The Bell (Enstone)


League Highest Dolls - Div1: S.Arthurs 161, Div2: M.Stowe 94, Div3: M.Allinson 87, Div4: D.Eley 85



Cup Competitions:


8-a-side Cup - Winners: The Fox (Oddington), Runners-up: Albion Tavern (C.Norton)


4-a-side Cup - Winners: The Fox (Oddington), Runners-up: Unicorn (Rollright)


Division 3&4 KO Cup - Winners: Wagon 'B' (C.Norton), Runners-up: Great Western (Blockley)


Doubles Cup - Winners: NOT PLAYED, Runners-up: NOT PLAYED


Mixed Doubles Cup - Winners: I.Terry & K.Hovard, Runners-up: M.Painting & B.Painting


Landlords Cup - Winner: R.Leeming (Coach & Horses), Runner-up: T.Street (Wagon)


Singles Cup - Winner: M.Barnes, Runner-up: S.Arthurs

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